Tag: Vite

  • NEW PROJECT – Open Library Search

    Added another API fetching project, Open Library Search. The app pings the Internet Archive‘s Open Library Search API to retrieve author, publication, purchase, and topic data for a user-provided book title. Objective My goal is to continue cranking out simple fetch projects until I can do them without relying on a crutch. I used my […]

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  • NEW REACT PROJECT – Public APIs List

    I built a simple app called Public APIs List that prints a list of all the free APIs available through public-api. Objective I want to get more comfortable with the JavaScript fetch API. I needed inspiration for another project to work on and figured I’d start by looking at big lists of free APIs that […]

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  • NEW REACT PROJECT – Obligatory To-Do App

    The Obligatory To-Do App is a simple React project that I whipped up to test out Vite. Objectives The most popular React scaffold, create-react-app, is no longer being maintained, so work needed to find an alternative for spinning up smaller SEO-agnostic React builds. The to-do app is one of the most basic coding projects so […]

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