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Category: | Posted on:February 25, 2024
open library search results

Added another API fetching project, Open Library Search. The app pings the Internet Archive‘s Open Library Search API to retrieve author, publication, purchase, and topic data for a user-provided book title.


My goal is to continue cranking out simple fetch projects until I can do them without relying on a crutch. I used my previous Public APIs List project to pick out the topic for this one. Open Library Search API provides a lot of data to work with in a mix of strings and arrays that provided an opportunity to diversify the formatting of the data.


I’m settling into a pattern of establishing states for data, error, and loading right out of the gate. I also created a query state to capture the user’s input, then tied the data fetching function to a useEffect() hook with query as a dependency so that the search would fire each time the user submits a new title.

I almost got try/catch down blind, but I forgot to make my fetch asynchronous initially.

In my Public API List project I didn’t bother with Enter key functionality, but this time I added it. It’s more convenient for testing and I should make it a habit.


This went pretty smoothly and I didn’t encounter any major roadblocks. I do have a problem remembering array methods, however, and that’s a weakness I’m looking to overcome. This project required the use of several that I always forget about until I Google them. The fetch API is another area where I still need to reference syntax, but at this point I always know what I want to do and what’s needed.


I got to practice checking and handling array data with more depth than my past project. I got to use isArray(), .slice(), and .join(). I think I fully get props now and had no trouble passing data down through my components. The .map() method has clicked too. I just need to remember not to forget to add a  currentValue and index to the function inside.

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