UPDATE – Public APIs List Functionality

Category: | Posted on:February 15, 2024
public apis list update

There are several new enhancements to the Public APIs List project.


I added a checkbox at the top that will filter out any APIs that require CORS headers in order to fetch them. It was the first additional feature that came to mind as I was evaluating the available keys in the JSON response. I’m not going to want to deal with CORS as I fiddle on personal projects. The “Total” header is dynamic and updates when the hideCors state changes.

Links and Descriptions

I wanted to make use of as many of the available data keys as possible. The title and CORS status were the most important for functionality, but there were a couple other values that could enhance the UI.  I output the API descriptions to provide more information about each one at a glance. Then I linked them out to their sources to make the full details more accessible.

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