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  • Web Cave Version 1.1.0

    The WordPress Custom Theme project has been updated to Web Cave 1.1.0. This is a major readability update that brings major changes to the typography and contrast. Readability Updates: Swapped the primary typeface from Source Code Pro to “Titillium Web.” Limited “Press Start 2P” typeface to the homepage title. Removed the glitch effect from everything […]

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  • THEME UPDATE – Web Cave 1.1.0

    New year, new WordPress theme: introducing Web Cave 1.1.0. Readability The problem with having an ironic web theme that’s intentionally bad is that.. it’s bad. The original custom WordPress theme for this site sucks and I’m tired of looking at it. Web Cave 1.1.0 is a readability revision that maintains the “3edgy haxor” feel of […]

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  • WordPress Custom Theme

    A de-branded version of this site’s WordPress custom theme is now available on GitHub. You too can be a late 90s edgelord with the Web Cave theme! WordPress Custom Theme Features The Web Cave theme features standard post, page, and comment functionality with custom navigation. In addition, I added a projects post type that emphasizes […]

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