Web Cave Version 1.1.0

Category:Projects | Posted on:May 21, 2022

The WordPress Custom Theme project has been updated to Web Cave 1.1.0. This is a major readability update that brings major changes to the typography and contrast.

Readability Updates:

  • Swapped the primary typeface from Source Code Pro to “Titillium Web.”
  • Limited “Press Start 2P” typeface to the homepage title.
  • Removed the glitch effect from everything but the home title and interactive rollovers.
  • Reduced the transparency of the background image.
  • Darkened primary color values.
  • General spacing tweaks to accommodate the typography change.

Style Changes:

  • Re-designed project titles in the grid view.
  • Added green background color to navigation on scroll.
  • Upped spread of box-shadows on thumbnail images.
  • Changed internal thumbnail box-shadow color to white.



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