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Category: | Posted on:August 4, 2021
archive update 8 21

The CSS Animation Archive has been updated with more css animations, a mobile fix, and a new section for animated loaders. The most notable new addition is Neon. There are a million tutorials out there for this kind of effect. In static form it’s just a bunch of layered text-shadow properties, but I spiced it up by adding a soft pulsing glow and flicker. The super lazy pulsing loader from the Game Picker 9000 makes its debut as well.

Update In Brief

  • FIX: Added slight margin to buttons on mobile.
  • NEW! Alternate glitch effect for text only.
  • NEW! Neon effect.
  • NEW! Ripple rollover.
  • NEW! Loaders section.
  • NEW! Lazy, rainbow, dancing dot, and dancing letter loaders.
  • NEW! Combo loaders with glitch, neon, and rainbow effects plus bounce.
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